Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guixa wants clarification on Ronaldinho commission

Barcelona presidential candidate has asked in a statement that president Joan Laporta and presidential candidate Sandro Rosell would clarify their position on the story by Laporta that Rosell, when he was sports vice-president, wanted to sell Ronaldinho and cash a commission fee (read more here):

"No candidate for the presidency of FC Barcelona should enter the electoral race with doubts on his reputation. All Barcelona fans want a fair election process, without any speculation.

If there are 'facts' that affect the honor of one of the candidates, I think that it is essential that the accuser shows his evidence and that the accused starts his legal defense before the elections.

The clarification of these facts is essential regarding offering a dignified process to all candidates, without confusing the club members or turning our club into a electoral circus."

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