Friday, April 16, 2010

Ferrer: "What is working should not be touched"

Barcelona assets vice-president and presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer gave an interview to Catalan newspaper El Periódico.

Do you feel comfortable with the label of continuity candidate?
I don't know if that's the right word. I feel comfortable with the idea that my model is the one that has been used until today. The sports model, with as climax the six trophies; the economic model, of not spending more than you receive; and the social model, improving the services for the club member. And I am pleased that almost all board colleagues are at my side.

So the only thing that changes is the face of the president?
Basically, what changes is the way of doing things. The president has had an important role, but now there are other needs and the focus should again be on the players and the coaches. We each have our way of being and so it's normal that there would be a change of style. I think that the president has to comply with his obligations while at the same time being discreet. But the really important thing is that the club is functioning and in that sense we will change almost nothing. We shouldn't take any risks by new proposals of which we do not know where they will lead us. That is the message we want to give to the club member. That this is the model. That what is working should not be touched.

Laporta has changed his mind and now he supports you after having neglected you. How do you think the club member looks at these swings?
Godall and I each decide to be a candidate and that caused a split. The president chooses to support his close friend. When Godall withdraws, it is understandable that the president supports the candidacy that brings together the vast majority of the board and that maintains the same model.

But you and Laporta have lived very difficult moments.
Yes, they are things that happen. From day one there have been discussions but in the end this also helps you to improve. But my goal is to work hard and to divide the least as possible.

The support of Laporta is a plus?
Yes, because many of the things that have been done are linked to the president, and that is something the club members will take into account. Positive messages always add up, and those of the president of FC Barcelona even more.

After the spying scandal or the support of Laporta for Godall, you based your decision not to resign on the sense of responsibility. Do you think people will understand that message and not think that you wanted to stay at all cost?
The easy thing in a difficult situation is to step down and to write a book. The hardest thing is to stay at the club, to hold on and to continue working for the good of the club. Barça is more important than my personal image. There have been times when my body was asking to let everything go, but my sense of responsibility has prevailed.

What kind of campaign do you foresee? Will it be a one-on-one with Rosell?
That is one of the possibilities, but we must respect all those who want to form a candidacy. But at this moment the club member is interested in the next league game and in the Champions League. We have many possibilities in the two competitions, we are also in the Final Four in basketball, in the European quarter-finals in handball, in the final with six in roller hockey... It can be an excellent year.

this was the first part of this interview. you can read the second part here.

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