Friday, April 16, 2010

Benedito: "We're not choosing a sports director"

Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito gave an interview to Spanish football site Madrid-Barcelona.

I'm going to read a few of your phrases: "I present myself as the third way between the ego-centred and arrogant continuism of Ferrer and the galactic temptation of a still unknown project of Rosell". Ferrer is arrogant and a puppet?
That phrase is not accurate. On Monday 22 March I made some statements in which I defined myself as an alternative for the arrogant continuism. At that time, the continuism was headed by mister Godall.

That phrase can be applied to Ferrer?
I think that Ferrer has a way of acting that is different from that of Godall and that of Laporta.

A better one?
Certainly less arrogant.

And what do you mean when you talk about "the galactic temptation of a still unknown project of Rosell"? That if Sandro Rosell becomes president he is going to turn into our Florentino and to make a galactic Barça?
What I say is that, first, we don't know anything about the project and because of that we speak by intuition. In my case I speak based on the knowledge I have of some members of his team, because I know some of those people for many years. I have indeed the feeling that his model will come closer to that of Real Madrid.

Another phrase of yours: "We must put a very, very high barrier between the Barça of all of us and the private business interests of a few people". Are you referring to Rosell? To Ferrer? To both of them?
In my opinion we're touching a really important issue here. I think that - based on the intuition in case of Rosell, and on my knowledge in case of the continuity project - it is more than ever important that we establish this principle and this concept. I have the impression that it is necessary to raise that barrier, because I think there is some confusion.

You have also said: "My choice is different from the project of change that emerges from resentment or a bitter confrontation". Does that mean that you are saying that Rosell is angry, looking for the confrontation with Laporta and therefore not objective?
I argue that the general interest of the club must be above any ego. I have the feeling that these two projects that are taking part in the elections, that of the continuism and that of Rosell, do not meet this requirement. I have the feeling that there is a battle of egos that seems more important than the interests of the club, that there is resentment involved that comes from years ago. That's my perception of things.

You have also described the model of Rosell as "a project that comes from a very exclusive sector of the club, an option that is closely linked to business opportunities in the sports industry and that is distanced from the ways of behaving at this club and this country". What I see is that your 'cannon-shots' are basically directed towards Rosell. Is that because he's the candidate you are most afraid of?
In the speech to which you refer I equally talked about the continuism and about Sandro Rosell. I totally agree with what you've just read now. I admit that at this moment Rosell is the best positioned candidate in the polls. Therefore, he is to some degree the man to beat.

Rosell was responsible for the signing of Ronaldinho. Do you think that the knowledge and the contacts you have in the world of football can have an influence on the members when voting?
I don't know. A few days ago, a journalist told me that I was facing a man who knows a lot about football, who dominates the Brazilian market, who has a profound knowledge of the transfer market... In the end I told him: "Hey, we're not choosing a sports director, we're choosing a president."

this was the second part of this interview. you can read the first part here. you will be able to read the third and last part in the coming days with benedito talking - among other things - about barcelona president joan laporta and the election campaign.

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