Friday, April 16, 2010

[2003] Assembly will decide on election date

source: la vanguardia, friday 18 april 2003, page 45

The members of Barça will decide the 5th of May on the election calendar

Reyna calls a general assembly to clarify the future of the club

Tired of the speculation, the rumours and the fact that his word and his own legitimacy as president has been called into question, Enric Reyna decided yesterday to counter-attack and put the ball in the court of the delegates of FC Barcelona, who should clarify the future of the governance of the club.

That will happen on the 5th of May, the date chosen by the board of directors to hold an extraordinary general assembly in which the calendar of the upcoming elections for the presidency will be discussed.

Reyna leaves the decision on whether to have elections and when is the best time to have them in the hands of the club members, although yesterday he expressed his hope that they will take place "at the latest in the month of July," and repeated his commitment to maintain "a scrupulous neutrality in the electoral process, in which I will not take part."

All this provided that the assembly decides that there must be elections before the end of the season because Reyna did not reject or shut the door for the possibility that the delegate opt for the continuity of the current board that he heads until the end of the mandate - in July 2005 - or that the elections would be delayed for a few months.

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