Monday, April 19, 2010

Villa to be presented before the elections

Catalan sports weekly paper Gol claims that Barcelona and Valencia have reached a principal agreement on the transfer of Valencia forward David Villa (28) after a formal meeting between Barcelona chief executive Joan Oliver and Valencia representatives in Valencia last week.

Apart from the determination of the final transfer price, the deal between the two clubs would be complete. The rumoured fee would be around 30 million euros but Valencia would want to include some Barcelona players in the deal because cash money would go directly to the bank that has refinanced the club's debts.

Pressured by their creditors, among which Spanish bank Bancaja is the most important one, Valencia would be forced to sell players for between 40 and 60 million euros this summer and reduce the cost of the players' salaries from 90 to 60 millions.

The plan is reportedly that the deal could be closed soon after the end of the league season and that Villa would be presented as new player of Barcelona before the presidential elections in 13 June and before Villa, who was already a transfer target of Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola during the past two transfer summers, travels to South Africa for the World Cup.

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