Monday, April 26, 2010

Salvat presents basic ideas of election program

Through a document that was published on his campaign website, Barcelona presidential candidate Santiago Salvat, who didn't yet officially present his candidacy for the presidency of FC Barcelona, has already revealed the key points of his project:

We want a Barça that avoids social division
"I lead a great and plural group of club members, that is representative of all ways of thinking."

We will give stability to the sports area
"We will strengthen the successes of the first team and the sections, but with a better management and a better institutional image of Barça."

"We will create an international network that allows us to be able to find and to form the new Messi of the next decade."

The members will have a voice
"As a new and inclusive alternative we will carry out the democratization of Barça, which didn't yet take place."

"The general assembly of delegates will represent the plurality of the members, will participate more and will have real decision-making power."

We will put in place mechanisms of discipline and control in the economic area
"We will analyze the real situation of the club but we have to stop the sale of assets."

"The club has to organize solidary actions in Catalonia."

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