Sunday, April 25, 2010

[2003] Alemany will not run for president

source: el mundo deportivo, monday 28 april 2003, page 63

Alemany won't be a candidate

He will only to join the new board depending on who will be chosen at the polls

Salvador Alemany, the president of the basketball section of FC Barcelona and one of the most pursued people by all the candidates for president of the club, revealed that "I have not thought about being a candidate.

Being president of Barça is a something very demanding, just as being the major of a big city, and I think that it is not compatible with my work rate. But I feel useful for Barça and what I don't rule out is to continue at the basketball section, but that will depend on the president who will be elected."

Speaking to 'btv', he added that "the group that is elected should have a very clear concept about working as a team. And that will not be easy because lately the club has been very presidential".

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