Friday, April 16, 2010

Ferrer asks Sala i Martin to join him

Asked about his role in the upcoming elections after the candidacy he was part of has withdrawn (read more here), Barcelona treasurer Xavier Sala i Martín has said that he's thinking about a proposal made by Barcelona vice-president Jaume Ferrer to join his candidacy:

"I don't yet know what I will do and I don't know when I will make a decision. I have an offer of Jaume Ferrer to take part in the elections but I didn't yet decide if i will join him because he has to explain me his program and who are the people of his team.

I think it's crucial that the model continues. The system of Barça has worked well, I have liked it a lot to be one of the fathers of the system and if it's guaranteed that the model continues, I will get involved. If the continuity is not guaranteed, I won't do it."

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