Sunday, April 18, 2010

Guixa and Benedito want members to ratify Cruyff

Barcelona presidential candidates Jaume Guixà and Agustí Benedito have last week stated that they want the club members of FC Barcelona to vote on the appointment of Johan Cruyff as president of honour of the club.

Guixà [on Facebook]:
"Johan Cruyff has been a very important person in the history of Barça, but now was not the time to make this decision. If our candidacy receives the support of the club members, we will ask the general assembly to ratify it. We do not like impositions, we want the active participation of club members and democracy at FC Barcelona!"

Benedito [during a meeting with Barcelona club members after already having suggested it earlier in an interview with Catalan local television station Teletaxi TV]:
"One of the first things I will do if I win, will be organizing a referendum so that the club members can decide whether or not they want Cruyff as president of honour. For me it is a decision that should be taken with consensus and not while thinking about the elections."

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