Friday, April 23, 2010

[2003] Majo talking with Van Nistelrooy

source: el mundo deportivo, saturday 26 april 2003, page 55

Jordi Majó contacts Van Nistelrooy

Sergi Bruguera, his sports director, revealed that he met with the agent but made clear that "there is no agreement"

Ruud van Nistelrooy is the first bomb in the pre-election campaign. Former tennis player Sergi Bruguera, who would be sports director of Barça in case Jordi Majó wins the election on 22 June, revealed yesterday on Cadena SER that he met this week with Rodger Linse, representative of the Dutch striker of Manchester United, but denied there was a principle agreement for a future transfer to the Catalan club.

"He came to the Juventus game and I had dinner with him two times. We have not reached any agreement but it was a first contact to know what philosophy the player has and what he thinks about Barcelona. At the same time I explained what would be our way of working," acknowledged Bruguera, who confirmed the strong interest in Van Nistelrooy: "He shares our way of seeing football and because of his way of seeing it and of how he works, he is one of those we like most."

Bruguera said the agent of the Dutch star player "knows him very well since he is 17 years old and they are friends, and he told me he would like to play in Spain some day. At first he was skeptical about meeting us but everything went well." The former tennis player wanted to clarify that "this is the only thing that has happened. There is nothing more."

At a personal level, Bruguera said that "I'm a fan of Van Nistelrooy for his character and his involvement. Besides, he is the only one at ManU who stays after the training to work with weights in the gym." Van Nistelrooy has a contract until 2006 and he arrived at United in 2001 from PSV, that received 30 million euros.

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