Monday, April 26, 2010

[2003] Candidate meets with Saviola and Sorin

source: el mundo deportivo, tuesday 29 april 2003, page 12

"Hi, I'm your next president"

This is how Josep Martínez-Rovira presented himself to Sorín and Saviola, whom he met yesterday at the El Prat airport

"Hello, I am your next president." With these optimistic words Josep Martínez-Rovira presented himself yesterday to Saviola and Sorín, whom he met at the El Prat airport, where the two Barça players, together with Juan Román Riquelme, took a flight to Rome to join the Argentinean national team, that will tomorrow play against Libya in Tripoli.

Martínez-Rovira explained them that he will take part in the elections and expressed confidence in winning them. The continuity of Sorín, who is on loan from Cruzeiro, will be one of the first decisions to be taken by Martínez-Rovira if he is elected as president.

After discussing some of the plays of the match against Real Sociedad, including the goal of 'The Little Kid', the candidate, who travelled to Paris for business reasons (he is vice-chairman of the Media Planning-Group), said goodbye wishing them good luck for the rest of the league season.

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