Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cubells: "The basket section needs autonomy"

Barcelona board secretary Josep Cubells, the director responsible for Barcelona's basketball section, gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

What is the philosophy behind the success of the basketball team?
Winning is important but it's also important to have fun and to make sure that the fans have their references, that they are familiar with the team. I have learned something of the history of the section, of Serra, of Aito, of Pesic [all three former coaches] and I have put in place the guidelines that I think are the best. A mixed philosophy of entertainment and competitiveness. We have a model and a planning.

Give me an example...
To not change players during the season. This should only happen in exceptional circumstances, like in case of a serious injury or a unique player being available on the market.

The next elections can change the course of the basketball section?
The current model is a model that has been strengthened by the president and the board and that I have adapted to. The basket section has had a considerable autonomy and that must stay this way in the future. The section should be given a different treatment and have its own structure - with people who have expertise in this area - to maintain and increase the level. Economically, we have to make the sections as profitable as possible, although its existence on its own already helps the prestige of the club.

The Palau has clearly become too small and this could lead to future problems regarding being able to compete at the highest level...
We are looking at the technical issues, we're planning but we do not know when the new Palau will be ready. I would think in a year or two after the old one has been demolished. And it is clear that the basket section will have to lead this project.

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