Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Plaza wants shirt sponsor and internet voting

On the offical website of his candidacy, Barcelona presidential candidate Alexis Plaza explains some of the key points of his group's election program:

Youth Goal
We want to bring together all the groups that animate the team during the games at the Camp Nou in a zone behind one of the goals to unite all the energy we have for Barça. We will also offer schools and universities the chance to come to the stadium and take place in these zones.

More seats for the members
We will make more seats available for club members without a season ticket. Those seats will be part of a yearly rotating system so that all members will have the same right to assist the games.

Shirt sponsor
We need to optimize the performances of our club and we cannot reject a revenue of between 18 and 20 million euros that an official first team sponsor would give us. We will nonetheless continue to support Unicef because they are doing a very important job around the world.

Mini Estadi
The sale of assets will first have to be approved by the members, just like every other important decision. In case they vote in favour of a sale of the Mini Estadi, we will use the money to pay part of our debts, renew the Camp Nou and improve both the Palau and the ice rink.

More than a club
We want to continue to be much more than a club and that's why we want to integrate new sections for people with a physical or intellectual handicap.

Reform of the statutes
Internet voting should be a right for all members. We will raise the period during which you need to have been a club member to be able to be a candidate for president of the club from the current one year to six years.

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