Wednesday, April 21, 2010

[2003] Bassat wants Xabi Alonso and Joaquin

source: el mundo deportivo, wednesday 23 april 2003, page 59

Joaquín and Xabi Alonso in the agenda of Bassat

Cadena COPE unveiled the plans of the future presidential candidate

Lluís Bassat, one of the people who has already announced that he will take part in the elections at FC Barcelona, wants to do that with two aces up his sleeve to attract the votes when the elections are called: the right winger of Betis and the Spanish national team Joaquín, and the midfielder and the motor of the splendid season of Real Sociedad Xabi Alonso, as was explained yesterday afternoon in the 'Tiempo de juego' program of Cadena COPE.

According to this report, Bassat has planned a meeting with the representatives of both players for next weekend to discuss the contract situation of the players and, if possible, to reach a pre-agreement to enable him to present them as transfers in his election program.

There has already been talk about the interest of Barça in Xabi Alonso on several occasions, given the fact that it's a player whose style is liked a lot in Barcelona, but no potential candidate had yet put him on his list.

On the other hand, that the name of Joaquín is mentioned is more surprising because, while it is true that Barça could use a player with his qualities in that position, the club that has been linked the most with signing him was Real Madrid.

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