Thursday, April 22, 2010

Salvat starts campaign and unveils slogan

Although Santiago Salvat has not yet officially announced that he will run for president of FC Barcelona in the upcoming elections, his candidacy has today set the first steps of their campaign on internet by launching a website and opening accounts on social social networking website Facebook and microblogging service Twitter.

The campaign of the candidacy that has been set up by former Barcelona presidential candidates Josep Maria Minguella and Jordi Medina is called 'La Tercera Via' [The Third Way] and will use the slogan "Perquè som un equip" [Because we're a team].

Santiago Salvat, who is 38 years old and a club member for around 25 years and whose family founded in the 19th century the
Salvat Editores publishing house in Barcelona, has several business activities, mostly related to marketing and consultancy.

Salvat is managing partner and marketing and financial director of pr and communication agency
Pendulum, partner and member of the board of real estate consultant Bruch and owner and general manager of marketing agency Excelsior. Since this month, he is also a member of the board of directors of portfolio management company Interlaken.

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