Sunday, April 25, 2010

French director Auset part of Ferrer candidacy

Barcelona board member Patrick Auset is actively taking part in the campaign of Barcelona assets vice-president and presidential candidate Jaume Ferrer. Auset, who yesterday assisted a meeting of Ferrer with fan club representatives, was part of the candidacy of Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall but is now supporting Ferrer.

Patrick Auset is a 52-year old Frenchman who is the general director of cleaning company Auset that is based in the French-Catalan city of Perpignan. He is a member of the board of regional employer's organization UPE 66. Auset is the founder and the former president of the local Barcelona fan club.

In 2000, Auset supported the presidential candidacy of Lluís Bassat and three years later that of Joan Laporta. When Laporta was elected as president, Auset became part of the club's social commission. In August 2008 (read more here), he was appointed as member of the board of directors. Auset is one of the board members responsible for the social area of the club.

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