Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Decalogue of Jaume Guixa (1)

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà has published a "decalogue" in which he explains the ten key points of his election program.

1. With Jaume Guixà, Barça will again be of the members

The club member, the true owner of Barça, will again be listened to and respected. For a more democratic and participatory Barça
• We are a members' club since 110 years and we will continue to be so. The assembly of delegates is our parliament. The delegate will execute his task.

Member, your years of membership will count
• The members with more years of membership of the club will receive preferential treatment.
• The senators will have a more important role.

More benefits for the members
• A draw will allow members to watch the matches from the VIP lounges of the Camp Nou.
• We will make sure no more games will be played at 10 pm on weekdays.

Members without a seat, closer than ever to the Camp Nou
• There will be a strict control of the waiting lists and we will inform the member without a seat of their place on the list.
• Members without a seat will have more possibilities to watch games at the Camp Nou thanks to a draw of tickets.

2. With Jaume Guixà, we will work with transparency

Less self-centredness and more efficiency and transparency.
• FC Barcelona is a sports club. The main actors are the players and the coaches, not the directors.
• The board of the directors will get a new structure, a more effective working model and an ethical code of conduct.

A board of directors that is closer to and communicates more with the member
• The board of directors will inform the members in a clear way and at the right time about the management regarding all areas (sports, economic, social and cultural).

An honest presidency without privileges
• The board of directors shall loyally serve the club and will not get any benefits or privileges. No more lies.
• No to the internet voting. The election of the board of directors should be at a polling station. The participation will be made easier through several polling stations in the country.

More identification with the neighbours
• For an open and respectful dialogue with the neighbours of the Camp Nou, especially regarding the issues that affect the quality of life of the neighbourhood.

3. With Jaume Guixà, a renewed Camp Nou with more seats

No to the Foster project. The Camp Nou, rated 5 stars, needs to be renewed
• The Camp Nou will be expanded with a maximum of 15.000 seats, that will be more comfortable.
• The access to the stadium, the quality of the services (restaurants, toilets) and the lighting will be improved and the security systems and other facilities will be enhanced and modernized.
• Members and supporters with disabilities will have adequate access to enable them to attend and see the games properly.

4. With Jaume Guixà, no to the sale of the Mini Estadi

The best club in the world with two stadiums.
• We will keep the Mini, because it's needed for Barça Atlètic and the youth academy.
• The Mini Estadi will be used more as a multifunctional venue.

this was the first part of this decalogue. you will be able to read the following parts in the coming days.

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