Thursday, April 22, 2010

[2003] The board of directors resigns

source: el mundo deportivo, thursday 24 april 2003, pages 1 and 5


5 May: The board of Barça announced that they will resign together the day of the assembly


The management commission will take charge of the club and call the elections

The first possible date for the vote is Sunday 8 June

The countdown begins

The candidates are preparing for an imminent election campaign

The countdown has begun for those who have expressed their intention to stand for election. The European elimination against Juventus has made any attempt of Enric Reyna to continue impossible. The possible candidates are already starting to get ready for a campaign that could be imminent, after the board yesterday announced their resignation during the Assembly of 5 May.

Until now, six potential candidates have announced their wish to run. Three of them have already presented their candidacy: Josep Martínez-Rovira, Jordi Medina and Jordi Majó, in chronological order. Three others have shown their intention to take part in the elections: Lluís Bassat, Jaume Llauradó and Josep Maria Minguella.

No one doubts that there still have to change things before the actual start of the campaign. Various 'hidden candidates' may appear, like Joan Laporta or even Iván Carrillo. But the key to the election process could be Salvador Alemany [former vice-president], who remains in the background while a group tries to convince him to make a step forward.

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