Wednesday, April 28, 2010

[2003] Antic convinced of staying after elections

source: el mundo deportivo, wednesday 30 april 2003, page 6

"If he who wins seeks the best for the club, he will count on me"

A confident Antic said that he "would not understand that the president elected by the members would do the opposite"

Radomir Antic is not beside himself with joy. Despite the fact that the renewal he signed on Monday, is conditional upon the approval of the board that wins the elections, the Serbian coach considers himself to be already fully renewed.

Such is his conviction that he is the most suitable candidate for the role, that he yesterday said that it was not even crossing his mind that the successor of Enric Reyna would not ratify the decision of the current president, as he told yesterday in interviews with several radio stations.

"The next president will count on me. For the good of the club, I would not understand that the president who will be elected by the members would do otherwise. I think it would be weird that whoever comes out of the vote would not want to count on me, because I have proven my skills and the members are satisfied with my work", he said.

The Serbian coach emphasized that if the next president decides not to count on him "I won't get paid anything, there's no discussion about that, I will assume the risk."

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