Wednesday, April 7, 2010

[2003] President Reyna considering to run

source: el mundo deportivo, thursday 10 april 2003, page 18

Reyna seeking advice from lawyers

President Enric Reyna, who is considering to run in the elections once the managing commission has been installed, has asked for legal advice to confirm the legality of his decision.

Josep Maria Coronas [board secretary] already positively informed the board about the possibility for all the members to get involved in the vote because they haven't been the direct target of any motion of confidence. That consultation was asked by several members of the board who have the desire to be part of a future candidacy.

The president has now asked legal professionals with a proven track record for further advice and they have agreed with Coronas. That, along with the support of several fan clubs and club members, strengthens him to seriously consider to take part in the elections.