Sunday, December 6, 2009

Candidates disapprove Laporta's party behaviour

Barcelona presidential candidates Agustí Benedito and Jaume Guixà have reacted in an interview with Catalan newspaper El Periódico to the pictures published on Tuesday by Madrid newspaper La Gaceta of Barcelona president Joan Laporta celebrating the win over Real Madrid at the Luz de Gas night club in Barcelona last Monday morning.

Benedito told the paper that Laporta "wasn't up to the mark", while Guixà said that "this was his most recent performance, but not the only one. President of Barça is something you are 24/7. He can do what he wants, but he should do it at his place." At a press conference, Guixà later added that he would have celebrated with Catalan cava instead of with champagne.

While former Barcelona director Albert Vicens, who was the first vice-president of the club from 2003 to 2008 (read more here) and could also take part in the elections, said that he "didn't recognize that Laporta", presidential candidate Sandro Rosell told La Gaceta that he preferred "not to comment and to wait until the start of the election campaign".

Former presidential candidate Josep Maria Minguella, who might again run for president next year (read more here), showed his disappointment in an interview with Spanish radio station Cadena Ser about the decision of the Catalan sports papers not to publish the images:

"The press always has to watch public figures like the president of Barça and they should report on their acts, also those that can be criticized like in this case. Maybe their decision could be linked to the fact that an important part of their revenues comes from merchandising that needs the approval of Barça."

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