Monday, December 7, 2009

More about Guixa: Anti-Laportism

As this blog had revealed a few weeks earlier, Jauma Guixà, a 51-year old Catalan university professor, has announced that he will take part in next year's elections for president of FC Barcelona.

This blog will publish some of the statements made by Guixà at a press conference last week. Guixà is the president of a Barcelona fan club and was already a pre-candidate in 2006 when he wasn't able to collect the signatures needed (read more

Alternative for "laportism"
I'm a clear alternative for the laportism and that's why I'm very happy and excited to present myself today as candidate in the coming elections at FC Barcelona. The laportism has to end with Laporta. The club has done well in some areas, but the president didn't fulfil any of the promises he made when he was the leader of the opposition through the Elefant Blau group between 1998 and 2000.

He is regularly causing instability on the institutional level, something we don't deserve. It seems he has forgotten everything he has said and done with the Elefant Blau and his board now goes against the principles that made him become president.

The image of the club has never been this bad, due to fifteen board members leaving, Laporta's publicly expressed political ideals and his fights with the regional presidents of Extremadura and Cantabria.

The model of Laporta should end. At this moment Barcelona is only upheld by the sporting results, not by the management of the club. When Laporta leaves the club, all board members have to leave with him at the end of his mandate and none of them should run for president. Things need to be cleaned up. We don't want imitations or followers.

His key principles
We propose seriousness, stability and effectiveness.

Club members
I will listen to the socis, who are the true owners of the club and who should be involved more.

His team
I cannot yet give you any names but I will be able to count on a remodelled, corrected and enlarged team compared to the one of 2006.

this is the first part of a three-parts serie. you will be able to read the next parts in the coming days with guixà giving his opinion, among other things, on the continuation of manager josep guardiola and sports director txiki begiristain and on the plan to remodel the camp nou.

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