Thursday, December 17, 2009

Guixa: "The club is almost bankrupt"

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà gave an interview to Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu.

You have presented yourself as an alternative for the laportism. What does that mean?
We refer to the fact that what the Elefant Blau [barcelona opposition group from 1997 to 2000 against then president josep lluís núñez] wanted - democracy, participation of the club members, respect for the club assets... - and what Laporta personified has not been fulfilled.

On the contrary, the club is getting further away from the members, who don't know what is happening in there. They said for example that we would take part in the American soccer league and then after that they withdraw the project while nobody has explained us why. There has been an accumulation of events that have made the idea of the most voted president in history vanish.

Everything is now only based on the sporting successes of the team. All measures for a more transparent management have been postponed, and there's a feeling that the club is being used for personal gain. The ultimate proof of that are the famous security audits by Joan Oliver. If no one resigned then, that is because there's something hidden.

In 2006, you already said that you didn't believe the balance sheets submitted by the board.
The economic issue is what concerns me the most. Since Ferran Soriano left, I don't know who's responsible for keeping the books and I don't even think they themselves can explain the economic situation. I am able to confirm that we are almost in a state of bankruptcy.

What will we do? We will clean out the closets, which is the only way to know where we are. Laporta promised that he would do that and he ended up making the Ritz pact that was sealed by an embrace with Gaspart. We are also against the reclassification of the Miniestadi, particularly because they haven't consulted the members.

What has motivated you to try a second time?
Since we tried to take part in 2006, we have kept on working and we heard many times that club members were disappointed with Laporta. This has encouraged me and I hope to pass the signatures cut this time and to be part of the actual vote.

It seems that names won't play a big role in these elections. Guardiola, for example, cannot be discussed...
From Guardiola down, everyone must be respected and we should recognize that his appointment was a decision of the board of Laporta. The work that has been done at the youth academy over the past thirty years has also borne fruit.

But from Pep up, we have to start with a clean sheet, with experienced people who don't follow games through teletext and who pay more attention to the squad, which is the essence of Barça.

What is your opinion on the Catalan twist Laporta has given to Barca?
Barça is a Catalan club and that cannot be denied, but if the president wants to do politics, he shouldn't do that by taking advantage of the platform the club offers him.

this is the first part of this interview. in the coming days you will be able to read on this blog the second part with guixa talking among other things about his support in the entourage of the club and his relation with other candidates like sandro rosell.

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