Thursday, December 24, 2009

Godall: "I hope Begiristain will continue"

Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall gave an interview to Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia.

If the general director is worth 900.000 euros, how much is Pep worth then?
None of us could expect the results Pep Guardiola has given us. Pep deserves the best, because we are talking about the best coach around. Pep is satisfied with his salary and his professional situation, and we take care of him always being satisfied with his working conditions, from all points of view.

Can you guarantee that Pep will continue?
I believe that Pep Guardiola will always need to feel supported by people who have confidence in the model. It wouldn't be a good thing if someone would want to use him for electoral purposes. Pep feels comfortable with a board that supports him, believes in him and doesn't get nervous when the bad results come, which will happen sooner or later.

Txiki will also continue if you would be elected president?
Txiki has done a job we value highly. He has been discussed a lot by people acting in a self-interested way and with some bad faith. The important thing is to have a sports director who can give continuity and a medium-term perspective to the current way of working. Txiki has done a good job. Will he continue? That will depend on the elections. As far as I'm concerned, I hope he will.

Will you continue the collaboration with Unicef?
This is essential. We are talking about the continuity of the model of success after 2010. This model is based on the sporting and economic success. We avoided a bloodbath in 2003, there was a zero deficit in the first year, and in the next six years we have accumulated over 100 million euros of profits.

From the social point of view, apart from having more fans' clubs and club members than ever, the distinguishing fact has been that Barça changed from being more than a club to being more than a club in the world. We want to continue the strategic alliance with Unicef because it has given a major emotional and economic value to the Barça brand.

Does the Barça board looks down on Espanyol?
We have always been very respectful. Barça, as a club, respects and even sympathizes with Espanyol. We are two century-old clubs that have turned our rivalry in something special and even affectionate. We have open arms towards the board of Espanyol. I'm serious, we would be delighted to resume normal relationships. Part of the responsibility of leaders is to give a good example, and I think we are not doing that in this case.

Do you think you are capable and prepared to become the president of Barça?
I think my experience is important. I've been here since the first moment until the last, in good times and bad times, so I know the club very well. Said that, I do hope that Barça continues this successful model and soon it will be the right moment to make a decision.

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