Thursday, December 10, 2009

More about Guixa (3): Politics and Camp Nou

As this blog had revealed a few weeks earlier, Jauma Guixà, a 51-year old Catalan university professor, has announced that he will take part in next year's elections for president of FC Barcelona.

Guixà is the president of a Barcelona fan club and was already a pre-candidate in 2006 when he wasn't able to collect the signatures needed (read more
here). This blog will publish some of the statements made by Guixà at a press conference last Wednesday.

Economic situation
Barça has done well at the economic level and regarding the new markets, mainly thank to Ferran Soriano and Jaume Ferrer. I have nevertheless some doubts on the financial situation of the club.

I surely will lift all veils, we will proceed until the end. Laporta promised transparency when he arrived at the club, but we didn't see any of that. We're still waiting for the 'due diligence' he promised.

There is a problem of overexposure since Laporta got involved with politics. If he wants to become a politician, I would advise him to leave the club first. Barcelona shouldn't belong to any political party, foundation or organization.

Remodelling of the Camp Nou
I will change the current project. The extension should start from the needs of the members and should try to give a place to all those who are now on the waiting list.

To finance this, the club can nevertheless not sell assets, something that can only be done when there are financial problems. We should also talk with the people who live in the surroundings of the stadium.

Poll results
The polls so far are not reflecting the reality of this moment. I can only say that so far our name has not been included in the polls. We have today presented our candidacy, so from now on we are another option for the Barcelona voters.

this is the third and last part of this series.

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