Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ex-coach Rexach considers running for president

Catalan sports weekly paper Gol claims that former Barcelona player and manager Carles "Charly" Rexach is considering to take part in the elections for president of FC Barcelona next year.

Rexach would recently have assisted a meeting organized by a group of Barcelona club members and important Catalan business people during which the latter tried to convince Rexach to run for president.

The 62-year old Catalan, who has mainly be working as a football pundit since he left the club in 2003, would be open for the idea but has reportedly asked for some more days to think about the proposal, to see how solid the project could be and to discuss things with his family and friends.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that the group of club members has already been meeting several times and that they want to propose a 'third way', besides the continuity candidate and Sandro Rosell.

The people behind the project would have clear ideas about the club model they want to propose and have the financial means needed. Rexach should head the candidacy but would nevertheless be hesitating to accept the offer.

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