Sunday, December 20, 2009

Laporta opens election campaign

Speaking to journalists shortly after Barcelona won the World Cup for Clubs in Abu Dhabi, Barcelona president Joan Laporta declared opened the campaign ahead of the elections for president of FC Barcelona next year:

"It's true that we have always said that after Abu Dhabi it would be a good moment to start talking about club projects. Who wants to make a step forward, can speak out when he thinks the time is right. I, as the current president, now want to celebrate this trophy, emphasize the record number of trophies we won and act according to my insitutional position.

This is the right time for a debate about models. I think the current club model cannot be questioned and I will defend it. I'm anyhow convinced that the debate will be constructive and I would ask everyone to act in a responsible way because the team is in the middle of the season and will be competing for all trophies."

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