Monday, December 7, 2009

Barcelona carrying out own election polls

Barcelona opposition site Pelikano reports that Barcelona is these days carrying out a poll through telephone interviews with club members. Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo confirms the news.

Although the interview is announced as a general inquiry into the satisfaction of the members, there are a lot of questions that could be inspired by the upcoming presidential elections next year. The club members are among other things asked about their voting behaviour in the 2003 elections and the 2008 vote of no confidence and are asked to evaluate people by giving them a score from 0 to 10.

The people included in the poll are the most important current directors of the club like Joan Laporta, Alfons Godall, Joan Boix, Jaume Ferrer, Rafael Yuste, Albert Perrín and Xavier Sala Martín, and former board members like Sandro Rosell and Ferran Soriano, but also former Barcelona president Josep Lluís Núñez and former Barcelona player and manager Johan Cruyff.

Opposition site Pelikano claims that the main intention of the interviews ordered by the club is to learn more about the profile and the ideas of the approximately 40.000 club members who will next year for the first time have the right to cast their vote in the presidential elections.

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