Saturday, December 12, 2009

Laporta would have liked to run again

Asked about the upcoming elections for president of FC Barcelona, that will be held in the spring of next year, Barcelona president Joan Laporta, who cannot run a third time after two terms in office, has said in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 that he would have preferred to take again part in the elections himself:

"Of course I would have been delighted to be able to run again because it will be a passionate campaign. I'm surprised that the polls are already indicating that much support for a continuity candidate who hasn't yet been chosen. At this moment there are only two and a half candidates, so it's normal that those who already said they will take part get the most votes.

There is no board candidate yet but I think he should have an own profile. It wouldn't be a good idea to appoint a heir. Alfons Godall? He has some extraordinary qualities, but there are others who are also capable of leading a new project and they could make a great team. Jaume Ferrer? I can't stop anybody from having hopes. I will not block anyone's wishes.

I will keep some distance during the process although it's clear that I want the one who defends the model that is working to win. I will give my opinion, based on my experience, because being the president of Barça isn't easy at all. With everything that is still in play, it's nevertheless too early and not very constructive to start debating publicly about something that is still far away.

It will be difficult to propose an alternative model and that's why I'm curious to hear about the options that our opponents will bring to the table to challenge the sporting, economic and social model that has allowed us to live the best years in the history of the club. I think the most important thing now is to give continuity to a model that is working, that is only halfway and that can give the club many more successes."

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