Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ferrer: "One board candidacy will be difficult"

Asked if one single board candidacy is still possible, Barcelona assets vice-president Jaume Ferrer has said in an interview with Spanish radio station Onda Cero that this won't be easy:

"It will be difficult to form one candidacy with Godall. The problem isn't who should lead the candidacy, it's about private issues, so I think it is difficult. Laporta supports Godall, who is his friend since childhood and I think he is entitled to have a preference for someone. I'm sure he'll behave in a correct way towards all candidates during the campaign.

Over the last seven years, some things have been done very well and other things not that well. We've developed a success model and I think that I'm capable of keeping that going and renew it. I offer an exciting project with a different style than the current one. FC Barcelona should be an inclusive club, where the supporters and members should feel comfortable, in the social area we can improve a lot.

My way of acting is different than that of Laporta, it's about being more discreet and appearing less in the media. The president of Barça should not use the club as a political tool, but we on the other hand also shouldn't forget that since its foundation the club has always identified itself with the Catalan society."

A few hours before, Ferrer had pronounced similar statements in an interview with Catalan radio station COM Ràdio saying that he already has his own project in place:

"We will be able to discuss this in a more calm way, but our candidacy will be a renewal one, based on our experience within the club over these last years, both in the sports area as in the economic area. I'm at the club since 2003, and I have gained experience in many departments. So I know the club very well.

Alfons Godall? He is a good board colleague but I think it's complicated we would find a deal to have one single candidacy. I just hope and believe that the team will stay out of the electoral campaign. That will be a challenge the candidates have. As far as our candidacy is concerned, we will do everything possible for things to happen in that way."

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