Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Godall: "The decision has been made"

Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

The decision [to run for president] has been made?
It's clear to us that Barça's success model must be further developed. There's a large group of people in the board - Boix, Oranich, Yuste, Cubells, Sala i Martín, Font, Castro, etcetera - who think that it's worthwhile to continue with this model that led us to the top and that has still a long road ahead. We have spoken with those people and with Jaume Ferrer trying to keep this going.

Ferrer told Sport that the best thing would be a single candidacy. What is your position?
He will find open arms if he wants to join the group. I want to clarify two things. It is essential that the candidate is surrounded by people he fully trusts. I have seen situations Laporta had to go through with colleagues and we will try to avoid those.

I will talk to Ferrer without allowing that any group of people imposes conditions that would limit the willingness to be able to count on reliable people. I hope he will talk to the small group he represents so they speak in a clear and honest way. If that happens, we could understand each other.

In other words, you are willing but only if there are no conditions...
If I would be the leader of that candidacy, which will be decided soon, the leader must have the freedom of movement to carry out his duties.

So it's clear that you will be the candidate.
I'm considering it for a long time now and I look forward to it. I'm the number two now. The decision has been made. It will in any case be announced in, at the most, a few weeks.

What would you change about the current model of Barça?
Our experience is a crucial asset, something that will be very useful. The current sports model should be protected as much as possible. Guardiola has been able to interpret the model to the maximum, with a clear way of playing - to win by playing good - with Cruyff as inspirer, Txiki has been a stable factor. Everyone in his own way has helped to develop this style.

Are there more things that should be continued?
The youth academy is the key for the future, a guarantee that we will play with a certain style, that the Barça way exists and that the model leads to concrete results with players of top quality. This makes us unique in the world. Our teams play from memory, based on a clear football culture. This allows us to recruit top players from the academy without having to buy them elsewhere.

The sporting model is fundamental and should not be put in danger. I hope that no one comes in and changes what is working or the working conditions of the coaching staff. I would not want either that people use the names of Guardiola or the players for electoral purposes. And we are in the best conditions to support the continuity of this model.

And apart from the sporting aspect?
We arrived at Barça when the club was losing money, we've stopped the losses and we even have accumulated profits worth 100 million euros. At the social level, there are more fans' clubs and club members than ever and we have become worldwide more than a club thanks to this partnership with UNICEF, that I want to continue.

What can you bring to the club that is different from Laporta?
Experience, as I said before, and a different style. Different people mean different styles. My project based on experience and continuity is also a project of change because the new president will automatically bring the seeds of change to the club.

this was the first part of this interview. you can read the second part here.

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