Saturday, December 19, 2009

Laporta: "Whoever comes after will find a better club"

Barcelona president Joan Laporta gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

Is Godall the ideal continuity candidate?
There are two or three very good candidates in the board who could continue with this model.

When will you make a decision?
Every person who wants to lead a candidacy in the elections will decide that. There won't be a consensus decision, we don't have to find an agreement together. Someone will come out, he will choose those he wants to go with him and new people will join in.

The group may split without you?
The majority of this board will be part of one candidacy. This should be decided by the one who will lead it.

Godall is considering a deal with Soriano?
I'm not getting into that. It isn't a good thing to start the electoral dynamics. First there's the World Cup. The process will start after this tournament. Those who want to run the club will come out soon after.

Rosell worries you?
No candidate worries me.

What will your attitude be? Will you put a step backwards?
I will continue presiding Barça until the last day of my mandate and leave the club in the best possible way. I will try not to intervene in the electoral dynamics because the club will organize the elections and we must stay neutral in this process. When the election campaign then formally begins, I will give my opinion

When will the elections be held?
From 15 March I can decide when is best moment for the club. It will depend on the results of the team. It would be normal to hold them at the end of the season although it might in some circumstances be better to hold them as soon as possible.

Will you miss it?
I hope not. I will have nostalgia, but also the peace of mind of having done a good job. Life goes on and you have to look ahead. It will have been seven years. That is enough to explain what we wanted to do and we have done well. Whoever comes after me will without a doubt find a much better Barça than when we arrived in 2003.

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