Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Decalogue of Jaume Guixa (2)

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà has published a "decalogue" in which he explains the ten key points of his election program.

5. With Jaume Guixà, construction of a new Palau, with a capacity up to 17.000 spectators

The Palau does not meet the current standards and regulations
• A new Palau with more seats, up to a maximum of 17.000, will be built on the same spot as the current one.
• The members and supporters will choose the winning project out of two finalists.

6. With Jaume Guixà, we will strengthen the sports team and the training centre

To maintain the identity of our game
• The sports director will be replaced by a sports management team consisting of three experts, in coordination with the coach of the first team.
• The links between the different categories - first team, second team and youth - will be improved.
• The quality of the youth academy will be maintained.
• A director will be appointed for each of the sports sections.
• The women's teams of the different sections of FC Barcelona will be strenghtened.
• We will start teams for disabled athletes.

The training centre, with the best youth academy, open to the world
• The finishing of the training centre will be stimulated.
• The training centre will be strengthened as to become a High Performance Centre.

A more international youth academy
• We will export the youth concept to different countries, as a model of sports residence for youth players.

7. With Jaume Guixà, we want to become the number one in the world regarding revenues

We do not want Barça to become a joint stock company because of financial mismanagement
• Increase of the own means to grow in a sustainable way in the sports and economic area. The spirit of the preservation and improvement of the assets will be recovered (no to questionable investments).
• We will use the extraordinary results of our first teams to increase the profits of the club (through operation benefits and without selling assets), and reduce the current, and very worrying, economic debt in the short to medium term.
• Drastic reduction of the unnecessary expenses.
• The revenues of television rights and transfers of players will be improved, and the Barça brand will be strengthened, maintaining its visibility in all our teams and on all our merchandising.
• The structure and the cost of Barça TV will be optimized, television programs will be promoted throughout the country, and we'll arrange free games for members and fan clubs.

this was the second part of this decalogue. you can read the first part here. you will be able to read the third and last part in the coming days.

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