Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Quotes: Oliver, Ingla, Salvat, Rosell, Plaza

"118.663 club members will be able to vote."

Joan Oliver

"Rosell was the first element of destabilization in our first season at the club, which was a critical year for us at a financial and sporting level. He acted immaturely."

Marc Ingla

"As a boy, I wanted to be a player. Laureano Ruiz [former coach of the youth academy] came for me twice when I was playing at Escolapis de Sarrià, and my father each time asked him: 'Will he become a Maradona?' And after the reply that you cannot predict that, my father always said: 'Well, then he should continue to study'."

Santiago Salvat

"The club has a debt of 489 million euros."

Sandro Rosell

"The only continuism possible is that of the team."

Alexis Plaza

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