Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ingla wants global youth academy

The candidacy of Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla has yesterday explained at a press conference their program for the sports area of the club. Some of the proposals:

No intervention by the board
There is no vice-president and the board does not propose transfers to the sports director and the coach, who are responsible for the sports area.

Blaugrana manual
Elaboration of a written and audiovisual manual that describes in detail the football philosophy of the club, including playing schemes and training schedules, and that will be used by the technical staff of the youth academy.

Modernized players database
New technologies should allow the club to follow promising players in all leagues around the world in real time and online.

Global Youth Academy
Through association agreements with clubs in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, West Africa, Eastern Europa and Scandinavia, Barcelona will set up youth academies around the world. The ultimate goal is to have a pool of 1500 youth players (instead of 300 now) and to have a first team squad with 75% of former players in 5 to 10 year.

Barça Atlètic
The squad should consist of: 10 former youth academy players, 4 juvenil players, 4 players from the global youth academy and 4 experienced players.

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