Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Quotes: Ferrer, Salvat, Godall, Rosell, Ingla

"99% of the program is Rosell is the same as what the club is already doing right now."

Jaume Ferrer

"The Camp Nou should have some 19.000 more seats."

Santiago Salvat

"I think it's possible that we will have four or five candidates at the final vote."

Alfons Godall

"The Boixos Nois had a more violent faction and one that wasn't violent. Not all Boixos Nois were what the people thought. There are good Boixos Nois who love the club and who support the club in the stadium, and who are now part of other groups. We will unite all the non-violent animation groups in one part of the stadium."

Sandro Rosell

"I don't have the natural leadership of Ferran Soriano but I do have the same way of thinking."

Marc Ingla

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