Thursday, May 20, 2010

[2003] Main Catalan bank denies link with Bassat

source: el mundo deportivo, thursday 22 may 2003, page 10

La Caixa says they are not behind any candidacy

The bank issued a statement to clarify that it does not endorse any candidate

La Caixa yesterday issued a statement to clarify that they are not behind any candidacy. The bank stated that "we do not support, in particular, none of the candidates who take part in the upcoming elections of FC Barcelona".

With this brief statement, La Caixa distanced themselves from all the candidacies and made clear that their relationship with the club is independent of the president who will be elected on 15 June.

In recent days, the financial institution has turned into a key player in the electoral process of the club after Lluís Bassat announced the addition that Salvador Alemany would join his candidacy as future president of the Foundation. The publicist said that his plan that the Foundation would control the assets of the club.

This announcement provoked reactions from other candidates, who mentioned the relationship of Alemany with La Caixa and even went so far as to accuse the bank of wanting to take control of the club.

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