Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rosell: "I don't represent the Brazilian school"

Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell gave an interview to Catalan newspaper El Periódico.

translation: archie valparaiso

You've talked about proposing some players to Guardiola. Isn't that interfering in the coach's bailiwick?
I said we had some proposals. If they're asking whether we've got Wayne Rooney, for example, well, no. If we win the elections on the 14th, we'll sit down with the coaching staff and ask them, "Apart from what you wanted, we've got this and this. Are you interested?" And he'll be the one who decides.

You seem as if you like being hands-on, to want to be the team's general manager
I'm standing as chairman and that's what I want to be. I won't act as a coach or manager.

That implies that some players have been looked into and a commitment has been reached with some of them.
Yes, some people have been working to see if it could help Barça.

People from the pre-candidacy campaign.

And they'll be working in the sports department if you win the election?
No, not necessarily.

It's also been pointed out that you have your own sports-marketing company. Where do you draw the line between private business and Barça?
If we win, I'll sell it. Not because of any conflict of interest, but because I won't have the time. That's the essential reason. Having said that, the company is the same one I had in 2003. Those who criticise me now were perfectly happy for me to have it seven years ago, and I was the one who introduced them to people like Pelé, Havelange, Blatter, Platini, and so on. Back then it was fantastic, but now it's the devil's work, apparently.

Will you stop working or work less?
I'll work less for my companies so I can give Barça all the time it needs.

You carry the stigma of being Florentino Pérez transferred to Barça. Does that worry you or make you feel uncomfortable?
It's simply false. We're nothing alike in terms of the types of people we are. It's been proven that a decision with a consensus is always better than one made individually. And a signing is an important decision. That's how we'll work at Barça.

More labels: you defend the Brazilian school while today's Barça is inspired by the Dutch school
Look, we signed Ronaldinho, Belletti, Edmilson and Silvinho. They cost us 32 million and three of them played in the [2006 Champions League] final in Paris. And they won two Spanish league titles as well. Then, by selling Ronaldinho and Belletti, the club recovered 25 million of that. Now there are four Brazilians - Alves, Maxwell, Keirrison and Henrique - who cost 76 million. In the last match only Alves played, because Maxwell was injured, while two of them, Keirrison and Henrique, have never been seen on the pitch. And I'm supposed to represent the Brazilian school? Do me a favour!

Is Guardiola beyond all doubt?
Of course he is. And to demonstrate our confidence in him, if we win we'll be offering him a contract for our full term of office, six years. With annual renewals and quantitative and qualitative targets to be met. Because we know that's how Pep is going to want it.

this was the second and last part of this interview. you can read the first part here.

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