Friday, May 28, 2010

Salvat wants scouting network of ex-players

Former Barcelona presidential candidate Josep Maria Minguella [picture, on the right], who will become sports vice-president if Santiago Salvat is elected as president, has said at a press conference that he wants to set up a global network of talent scouts:

"We should globalize our youth academy and that's why we need to have a red of people around the world who can inform us about promising players of 12-13 years old. We need to find the players who will be the new Messi or the new Ronaldinho in a few years time.

Former players like Eusebio, Nadal, Víctor Muñoz, Stoichkov, Moratalla, Rojo or Esteban are possible scouts. I think it's important these people know the club and are honest. We need to have full confidence int he people who are going to watch the players, because you cannot do this with people who bring you suspected players like Keirrison."

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