Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rosell wants to regulate new members

Asked about his supposed plan to limit the number of club members of FC Barcelona, Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell has said in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 that his candidacy doesn't want to limit but to regulate the number of members:

"We don't have too many club members. All members are members of Barça, they are the owners of the club and have the same rights. But we should regulate the entrance of new club members for several reasons, in the first place because of the identity of the club.

We have already 3.000-4.000 Japanese club members, which is good but one day we could have 50.000. Or 50.000 Chinese or 50.000 Russians, it's the same. And those 50.000 Russians could one day decide that the president of Barça would be a Russian. He should have his legal residence in Catalonia, but that's easy.

So we should regulate the entrance of new club members to keep the identity of the club. Another reason is that you cannot have more club members than you have seats at the Camp Nou because a club member in the end wants to go and watch the games. We are happy with all club members we have but we should see how we can regulate things."

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