Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The process of collecting the signatures

by xaviniesta

According to Article 43 of the club statutes, the candidates in the Barcelona presidential elections must gather at least 2.095 letters of support from the club members and present these to the Electoral Commission. The candidates, who only have eight days to collect the signatures, have on Monday requested the official support forms from the Electoral Commission (read more here).

For a letter of support to be counted in favor of a candidate, the rules require that the member signing it is eligible to vote and supports only one candidate. Duplicate letters of support and those signed by members not listed in the electoral roll will be disregarded.

After the period for submission of support slips would have ended on 31 May, the Electoral Commission will carry out a verification process to check if the letters of support submitted by the candidates satisfy all the requirements and are authentic. The candidates who make the signatures' cut and who would have complied with all other conditions for candidacy will be announced on 3 June.

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