Saturday, May 1, 2010

Godall confirms he is part of Ingla candidacy

In an interview with Catalan sports paper El 9 Esportiu, Barcelona first vice-president Alfons Godall has confirmed the reports (read more here) that he and former vice-presidents Ferran Soriano and Albert Vicens will be part of the project of Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla:

"It's very clear to us that there is a gap in the centre of the electoral scene that is worth filling. We are a project between a continuism because of the continuism, a bit driven by the outgoing president, and a change because of the change led by Sandro Rosell, driven by a certain spirit of revenge and grudge.

There are many fans who are waiting for a candidacy in which they can trust, a candidacy of experience and future. We are very motivated and we think we have a lot of chances to win. This is a team with a candidate. It will be a team project, contrary to other self-centred ego projects. My role? I want to actively take part and I'm at the disposal of Marc."

In an interview with Catalan sports paper Sport, Godall has said more or less the same.

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