Monday, May 3, 2010

The Decalogue of Jaume Guixa (3)

Barcelona presidential candidate Jaume Guixà has published a "decalogue" in which he explains the ten key points of his election program.

8. With Jaume Guixà, the fan clubs will work independently

The fan clubs, Barcelona's backbone in the whole world, need more resources to act with autonomy
The Advisory Council of the fan clubs will have a representative in the board.
The Club will provide the Advisory Council and the presidents of the fan clubs with a permanent location.
The budget for the fan clubs will be managed by the Advisory Council itself.
The tickets for the fan clubs will be agreed with the Advisory Council.
Three seats in the president's box for the invited fan clubs.
The creation of the 'Nicolau Casaus Museum of the Fan clubs'.
The Congress of the fan clubs will be at the same day as the Joan Gamper Trophy.
The final of the international tournament of the fan clubs will be held at the Mini Estadi.
The 'world meeting' of fan clubs, also in America, Africa and Asia.

9. With Jaume Guixà, you will enjoy the Players' Association

Enjoy the experience of the players who have helped to make the club bigger
The social function of the Players' Association will be strengthened.
Former Barcelona players will be present at and promote games in the country, among other activities.
The Association will actively participate in the meetings of the fan clubs.

10. With Jaume Guixà, you will experience the FCB Foundation and culture more

We stand for a Barça that is socially plural, Catalan, victorious and exemplary in its civility
We will give an example of sportsmanship and we will speak out against violence and discrimination.
We will create youth academies in different countries, to help and educate the young people in need, through sports practice and sports ethics.
FC Barcelona, ambassador of Catalonia in the world, committed to the future of Catalonia as a national community.
We will stimulate cultural and artistic activities related to what FC Barcelona represents, and we will strengthen its travelling and international character.

this was the third and last part of this decalogue. you can read the first part here and the second part here.

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