Friday, May 7, 2010

Rosell leading in university poll

Catalan sports paper Sport reports that the faculty of communications of the Blanquera university centre has carried out an enquiry regarding the upcoming presidential elections among 400 Barcelona club members in the surroundings of the Camp Nou ahead of the league game against Tenerife on Tuesday.

With 46% of the members not yet having decided on their vote, 65% of the rest said they would vote for Sandro Rosell, 29% for Jaume Ferrer, 3% for Agustí Benedito and 2% for Jaume Guixà. The name of Marc Ingla was not yet included among the options because he only officially presented his candidacy yesterday.

Other data received from the poll indicate that 77% of the club members think that Sandro Rosell will win the elections (22% thinks Ferrer will win), that 89% of the club members wants to go and vote on 13 June and that 40% would vote for current Barcelona president Joan Laporta if he would be able to run again.

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