Sunday, May 2, 2010

Plaza: "Young people are tired of fake promises"

Barcelona presidential candidate Alexis Plaza gave an interview to Polish Barcelona news site Fcbarca.

What makes you want to take part in the elections?
The club needs new people, we have been used to see the same names and faces for the last eight years. We also want to represent a part of the club that no one has ever cared about before - young people - because we are the present and future of FCB. The last presidency allowed a social division between the 'socios' who we want to unite. We also want to give to the 'socios' something they never had before: the opportunity to take part in all the important decisions. There are no first class or second class members, we are all the same! We believe in a universal club.

Why do you think that the profile, the projects of other candidates don't appeal to young people?
Young people are tired of fake promises and stereotypes, we are sons of a modern Barça, a leading club, the best team of the world. We have a broader view than others because we are used to this globalization era. We want a club that extends all over the world.

Barça has become an international club, there are many culés abroad. How do you want to cooperate with Barça fans and fan clubs from other countries?
The president should take more care of them or create a commission that travels to take care of all the fan clubs worldwide.

The 'Somni Blaugrana' project will include 21 people between 25 and 30 years old. Some people wonder if such young people are prepared enough to lead the club...
Some will think that we are young and inexperienced... They most surely were the same ones who thought Guardiola was also inexperienced... Before achieving six titles in his first campaign! I can say I have the best professional experience, and regarding the club: I have been a socio for 25 years. I am also surrounded by the best team of young entrepreneurs and professionals.

Would you continue with the model of a coach and a sports director?
It is important to have a sports director for every section in the club, this has to be a person that previously played in our team because his experience can be very useful to the club. We should evaluate who will be the next one. The role is a good link between the manager on the pitch and the board.

It is said that the Camp Nou needs some changes, for example there should be a roof over the stands. Are you in favour of the Foster project?
The 'socios' were never allowed to choose or vote for the Foster project. This is very antidemocratic. The stadium needs better accesses for handicapped people and after that we would consider what other changes can be done to improve the stadium. What we also believe is that 'the best club in the world deserves the best house in the world'.

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