Monday, May 3, 2010

Ingla: "We are the real continuity candidacy"

Barcelona presidential candidate Marc Ingla gave an interview to Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia.

What has made you decide to run for the presidency of Barcelona?
We had been working for several months on a project. I have felt very supported in this decision, that is at the same time individual and collective time and I have the strength to work hard and to present something different to the club member.

Like what?
Something different to what we have seen so far and something that seems a logical option. I promote the concept of a team, and under my leadership I will offer the member an option with maximum credibility, that guarantees the successful sports model we have.

Don't you think that there is very little to offer in that area?
Yes, the truth is that that's the case. The work done during those seven years has been very good, and now we are at a moment in which the sporting sensations are great, although we have this disappointment of not playing the Champions League final in Madrid: it would have been something unique but we have to accept it. Things are very positive and we want to strengthen it and give it as much continuity as possible.

Soriano, Vicens and even Godall are part of your team, which means this is another continuity candidacy.
I am convinced that our candidacy is the one with the most credibility regarding the continuity, althought that might seem strange because we are not in the club now. Godall is, he is first vice president, but both Alfons as Ferran and Albert have been key people of a good sports, economic and social club model. And all together we have set up this candidacy.

Isn't Godall a volatile traveling companion?
It is true that Alfons has been the right hand of president Laporta. I think that in most cases he has been able to lead and help the president to make the best choices. And it is also true that there has been a disagreement. But the purpose of our candidacy is to seek harmony, to somehow rebuild the small cracks that have existed between us, and it's a pleasure that together we have decided that it is me who carries the captain's armband, and I want to do it with my own style, which is a style of dialogue, consensus and peace. Under these circumstances, I feel very comfortable with Godall.

How does your program differ from that of Jaume Ferrer, now the board candidate?
Jaume Ferrer has also participated in this successful model that we have now, most years he has been the treasurer, and I think if we are righteous, the ones that have had more leadership and more key contributions to this project are people like Soriano, Godall and Vicens, especially in the institutional area. Jaume has also done a good job but I don't know his program and I have the feeling that he stands alone.

Well, he has the president by his side.
Yes, but the team that he is forming gives me the impression that he stands alone, or at least I myself feel in very good company.

Would you like to have the support of Laporta?
The truth is that that is something beyond my control. What I want is for him to have the best end of his mandate.

What is the rest of the team like?
We are about twenty people, it's a rather heterogeneous group, with a senior profile, people of my age, younger ones, in general all are entrepreneurs and what we will promote will be the Catalan values, but it will be an inclusive and plural catalanism. A certain economic liberalism, because we are all entrepreneurs, and the values of honesty and universality of Barça.

Will the elections be political?
I hope not. Our candidacy has several values and above all the value of independence of political, economic and media powers. We will be independent.

But you have talked with all political parties?
I have had contacts with leading figures from the political, social and media world to explain them our project.

this was the first part of this interview. you can read the second part here.

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