Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cardoner: "Fan clubs should get executive power"

This blog had an interview with Jordi Cardoner, who will be a member of the board team proposed by Barcelona presidential candidate Sandro Rosell.

PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES What is your profession?
General director of the Spanish branch of a German manufacturer of insulating foams.

Your job could create conflicts of interest in case you would be a member of the board of FC Barcelona from 1 July on?

FAMILY Your grandfather, Nicolau Casaus, has been vice-president of the club and responsable for the social area for more than twenty years and his name is still an almost mythical name in the world of the Barcelona fan clubs. How do you explain that? What has been missing since your grandfather has left the club? And in which way will the work of your grandfather be an example for your own work in the club?
My grandfather understood what it means to be part of Barça, and he always respected the club member, that is why he got respect from the members. Undoubtedly he has been, is and will always be a reference for me and for all those who love the club. To approach the club member is to understand him, and to understand him, first you have to listen to him.

Your sister, Elisabet Cardoner, has been a member of the board for almost six years - from 1997 until 2003 - under the presidencies of Josep Lluís Núñez, Joan Gaspart and Enric Reyna. Have you talked with your sister about what it means to be a director of FC Barcelona? She has given you advice based on her own experience?
Yes, to respect all of those who make Barça great and to only commit to what you can fulfil.

SANDRO ROSELL Since when do you know Sandro Rosell? What has been your relationship over the years? And when has Sandro Rosell asked you to help to set up his candidacy and to be part of his team of future directors?
We know each other for over 15 years, it was Josep Maria Bartomeu [another member of the candidacy of sandro rosell] who introduced us. Today I can say that we are friends. Two years ago, he offered me to be part of his team. After consulting with my family, I thanked him for the offer and confirmed my desire to serve my beloved club, Barça.

In recent months, you have shared many hours with Sandro Rosell during meetings, meals and trips. What kind of person is he? You have discovered new facets of his personality? You can tell us some anecdote?
Sandro is a 'normal' person, close, natural, a friend of his friends and consistent with his principles and values. Throughout our travels and visits around the country, what makes us proud the most is when people approach us and congratulate us because we are 'normal'.

SOCIAL AREA What is the basic philosophy of the candidacy of Sandro Rosell's regarding the social area of FC Barcelona?
To bring the club closer to its owners, who have made it the best club in the world, to return them all what they have given and keep on giving to Barça. To make a more participatory Barça, a meeting point for Barcelona supporters, for the catalanism, with an enormous respect and gratitude to all those outside of Catalonia who feel and love Barça just like the people from here.

FAN CLUBS Your keyword when talking about the penyes, the fan clubs, is "self-management". The candidacy of Sandro Rosell has also approved in its entirety the 'XXI century' project prepared by representatives of the fan clubs. Since the club's interests don't always coincide with the interests of the fan clubs, which mechanisms will you put in place to control the fan clubs?
I do not share the view that the interest of the club doesn't always coincide with the interest of the fan clubs. The fan clubs have no reason of being without the club and the club needs the fan clubs. The fan clubs are, without any doubt, the only identified group that represented the club across the world. I have the utmost respect for them, they are part of our social base. More than 20.000 members of Barça and 200.000 people are involved in the fan clubs. They are our grassroots members.

Are you in favour of appointing a representative of the fan clubs as member of the board of the club, something that has been proposed by the candidate Jaume Guixà?
The fan clubs have their own governing body, the Advisory Council. Today this has no statutory recognition, we want it to be recognized in our statutes, we want to give it executive (and not only advisory) power, we want them to participate in the decision-making process regarding the issues that affect them directly, we want to turn the Advisory Council into the Council of the Fan Clubs. At the same time, we will propose to the general assembly that the Council of the Fan Clubs will be represented in the assembly itself, meaning that the 35 regional delegates are part of the assembly and that this is recognized by the statutes.

this was the first part of this interview. you can read the second part here.

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