Friday, May 14, 2010

Benedito says others have political and media links

Speaking to Spanish news agency EFE, Barcelona presidential candidate Agustí Benedito has criticized the links other candidates have with political parties and says that he is the only candidate who guarantees political, economic and media independence:

"It's clear that CiU [centre-right wing catalan nationalists] has its candidate: they are supporting or can easily be linked to the candidacy of Sandro Rosell, while it's even more clear that the entourage of PSC [left wing party] or the top people of PSC have in some way ties with the candidacy of Marc Ingla.

It's very clear that there's a political game going on in the background while we should above anything try to maintain the independence of Barça, not only politically but also economically and as far as the media are concerned because both main media groups of this city are also lining up with one of those two candidacies."

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