Wednesday, May 5, 2010

[2003] Guardiola considering offer of candidate

source: el mundo deportivo, wednesday 7 may 2003, page 8

Pep Guardiola. The current player of Brescia, former 'symbol' of Barca, has again been contacted by a very important candidate for president of Barça. The offer remains the same: to lead the sports area as general director. Pep, who already had said that he wanted tokeep on playing for another year, has requested time to respond because of the importance of the offer.

Sandro Rosell. The candidacy of Joan Laporta might surprise everyone during its presentation. After publicly announcing the people who are with them (like Albert Vicens, son of the owner of the Vicens Vives publishing house), Sandro Rosell will present the sports side of the project. It is not excluded that they will immediately announce who will be their coach and that they will present two real star players. There's already a deal with them and they will cause a lot of talk.

Martinez-Rovira met Koeman on Monday. Candidate Josep Martínez-Rovira met on Monday in Amsterdam with Ronald Koeman. The Ajax coach again said "no thanks" to the vice-president of Media Planning. It was the second time he rejected the offer of the businessman. He said the same, by telephone, to Lluís Bassat, who also unsuccessfully tried to sign the 'hero of Wembley'.

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