Sunday, May 2, 2010

[2003] Former agent Cruyff runs for president

source: el mundo deportivo, monday 4 may 2003, page 16

Michel Basilevitch will set up his election office today

He rules out a possible deal with Jaume Llauradó

Michel Basilevitch, back in the days the agent of Johan Cruyff, will today set up his election office in Barcelona. As advanced by this paper, Basilevitch believes to have enough appeal to get to the final vote and, as he has himself pointed out, he will under no circumstances make a deal with Jaume Llauradó.

After Josep Maria Minguella, Michel
Basilevitch is the second football agent and intermediary who is trying to become the president of the club. His headquarters will be located in the office of a well-known lawyer.

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